Campus Life

The Cleveland State University campus offers a beautiful place to live and study in vibrant, culturally rich Cleveland, Ohio. Explore cuisine from around the world, go on exciting adventures with your friends at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and enjoy cultural festivals throughout the year such as the Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival, Kurentovanje, and more.
Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Our diverse and vibrant campus creates a supportive environment to study for your top-ranked degree.


Average temperature:
2°C in winter, 23°C in summer

Key industries:
Health care, Bioscience, Technology

CSU Students Dining outdoors

Housing & Dining options

Our students have choices when it comes to housing and dining. We offer a variety of options, so it’s easy to choose one that best suits your needs and budget.

“It is important to mention that without Global I would have never found out about CSU. I am very content with Global, and the overall services provided to me and have not had any complaints. I will always thank global for the help with my career and the pursuit of my dream.”
Fabio Hinojosa, Bolivia

Fabio Hinojosa, Bolivia

Cleveland State University

A Top 100 University
16,327 total enrollment
6.2% international students
Large midwestern city

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