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Pre-Arrival & Orientation

Congratulations on receiving your visa! Now, get ready to travel to Cleveland.
Pre-Arrival Webinars (For Spring 2024 students)
Orientation Schedule
We need your flight info! Please complete this form with your flight info as well as other necessary identifiers.
What is CISP and why their office is important for you!
Additional Resources

Have you notified your Enrollment Services Agent that you received your visa? It is extremely important that you do so. This is how we on campus know to expect you–by your student profile being correctly updated to “visa awarded” in a timely way. BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME, please complete this form.

As soon as you confirm all your travel plans, including and especially your flight information and arrival/date in Cleveland, please complete this form in its entirety. Doing so assists us to staff our Global Greeter team appropriately and ensures that we have enough supplies for our greeting day. Remember, we are offering Global Greeters on January 4th 5th & 6th from 8AM-8PM EST ONLY.

Students- the number one thing you can do to help us plan for your arrival is complete the form. Thanks for helping us make your orientation experience excellent.

CISP handles your SEVIS, I20, and other essential factors relating to your status as an F1 student. They are our essential partners in ensuring your status is in compliance with federal rules which impact international students.

They run a check-in program called Vikes International Checkin (VIC). You must complete VIC as soon as possible after arrival in the US. Use this link to set up a VIC session.

Failure to complete VIC will keep a “GQA” hold on your student account indefinitely. The only way to remove this hold is to complete the VIC in a timely way.

Any other questions about CISP’s Orientation, etc. can be found here.


Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees
Miscellaneous Course Fee
Links for tuition and fee payments

Please pay special attention to this section. It is extremely important that you follow directions with regard to the payment of your tuition and fees. Delays or problems in your tuition payment can cause delays to your course schedule. This cascades into problems with your visa compliance, SEVIS record, etc.


Your fee schedule is based on nine (9) credit hours. This is because all F1 graduate students must maintain a minimum of nine (9) credit hours to be considered full-time.

Graduate students whose academic programs have courses which are 4 credit hours rather than 3 will see an addendum to their tuition and fee statement for the credit hour overage. Students who elect to take a fourth class* will also see additional tuition and fees on their statements.

*It may not be advisable for Global graduate students to attempt a fourth class in any academic term. Decisions about your program completion and requirements should always be made in consultation with your Master’s program director and your advising team.*


Your fee schedule is based on a “tuition band” of 12-18 credit hours. All F1 undergraduate students are required to be registered for a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours to be considered full time. However, you may, in partnership with your academic advisor, register for more than 12 credit hours.* As long as you do not exceed 18 credit hours, your tuition will not change.

*It may not be advisable for every Global UG student to exceed 12 credit hours in any given semester. Decisions about course selection and adhering to your specific major program of student must be made every term in consultation with your advising team.*

Many courses in the University have “course fees.” Course fees can include items such as lab maintenence fees, software license fees, eLearning fees (eLearning is the University department which supports Blackboard, our learning management system), etc. Course fees are part of your overal tuition package. You cannot waive paying course fees. If a course in your schedule requires a course fee, you must pay it. Course fees are added ONLY after you have a confirmed and correct schedule.

Course fees are listed in your Campusnet student account. When you arrive on campus and have access to our Campusnet intranet, you will access these course fees by clicking the “Account” tab in your student profile. YOU WILL ONLY PAY COURSE FEES IN CAMPUSET. Do not pay tuition through Campusnet, only course fees.

For your convenience, here are links for payment. Please note that all questions about Global tuition payment must be addressed to

To make a tuition payment from within the United States:

To make a payment via credit or debit card:

To make a payment via Flywire:


Airport Transportation and Travel Information

What to bring in your carry-on
Transportation options from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to downtown Cleveland/campus
Local hotels and other lodging options
Discounted Flights with Student Universe
  • Prescription medication in their original bottles. If you will need to refill a prescription while in the US, please have the physician’s note for that as well.
  • All originals of your consolidated mark sheets, transcripts, and certificates of graduation. When you arrive, the Global team will schedule a specific day where we will take receipt of your academic documents, scan them into your electronic academic record, and return the originals to you. However, it is your responsibility to get those originals to us in good condition.
  • Passport, visa, driver’s license. Do not pack your official identification documents in checked luggage.
  • Toothbrush, small toothpaste, hand sanitizer, extra masks.
  • Power cords for your devices and plug adaptors if necessary. Please note that US is on 120V with 60 hz.
  • Forex card with about $1000 US loaded–this will alleviate you having to worry about currency exchange. You will want quick access to funds for supplies once you arrive at your apartment.
  • A light sweater, hoodie or cardigan–towards the end of summer in Ohio the evenings can get cool.
  • Travel wipes/baby wipes for refreshing and sanitizing if you are on mutliple flights with no chance to wash properly during your trip.
  • One change of clothes in case your checked luggage arrives after you do–this includes undergarments, a fresh shirt or blouse, joggers or other comfortable pants, and a change of socks and shoes. We recommend students pack one pair of walking shoes OTHER than flip-flops or sandals.
Hopkins is the international servicer for the Northeastern Ohio regions. Its abbreviation is CLE

Global Greeters at Hopkins International Airport:

When: Thursday, January 4th, Friday, January 5th, and Saturday, January 6th
Time: 8 AM EST – 8:00 PM EST
Where: The Welcome Center (by carousel 5 baggage claim)

Who: ALL Global students arriving on January 4th,5th, and 6th from 8:00 AM EST-8:00 PM EST should look for our Global staff at the Welcome Center (by carousal 5 baggage claim). Staff will be sitting at a desk with balloons and wearing a bright green color Cleveland State Global shirt. Please remember to use your specialized LYFT (car service) code that we sent to your email prior to your arrival to Cleveland. If you are having issues with your code, our Global staff will arrange a Lyft to take you
straight from the airport to Mather Mansion (2605 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44115) for check-in.

Global Emergency Number: (216) 409-9243
***Students who arrive outside of these dates or times are responsible for their own airport transportation**

***Due to staff capacity, early arrives will not be able to check-in at Mather Mansion or check-in for housing.***

There are multiple hotels of varying prices and ratings in downtown Cleveland. The Global team encourages you to plan ahead as sports events, theatre events, etc. can create high demand for hotel rooms, which can also increase rates for last-minute reservations.

Students may also try AirBnB or Vrbo as an alternative to a traditional hotel. These are local ways in which students can experience Cleveland and explore the city before Orientation. However, we encourage you to look for rentals only in the following zip codes:

  • 44115
  • 44113
  • 44102
  • 44114

These neighborhoods are either within Campus District, where the University is located, or a short walk or Uber ride away. Since you will be new to the city, we do not want you staying too far away from our campus.

However, please note that in all cases, students are responsible for their choices in pre-Orientation accomodations. The Global office is not liable for any loss or damage to a student’s belongings while that student is staying in a hotel, and the Global office is not responsible for reimbursing a student for hotel costs incurred.

Student Universe

Discounted Flights

Book flights through StudentUniverse and benefit from exclusive discounts for international students! Get the best deals when you need them and benefit from 24-hour risk-free cancellation.


Health and Wellness

Your Global health insurance
HIPAA: How your health information in the US remains private
COVID-19 Safe Campus
Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination
Mental Health Care at CSU: Counseling Center
The CARE Team: Our partners in your health and safety
LGBTQ+ Resources at Cleveland State University
The Counseling and Academic Success Clinic (CASC)

All international students must have health insurance. Your insurance will be through Wellfleet and is already paid by your deposit. The insurance is nonrefundable and will be active for one calendar year.

Unlike insurance may be in your home country, insurance in the US is not universal. That is, not every provider of health care (hospital, clinic, physician) has to accept every insurance plan. In order to minimize out-of-pocket costs to you, the Global team recommends the following:

  • The Cleveland State Health and Wellness Center should be your first stop anytime you have any medical concern. The physicians, nurse-practitioners and other medical professionals can address a variety of concerns. If it is determined that you require a higher level of care, Health and Wellness will refer you to a specialist for next steps.
  • If you require emergency care, the closest hospital in walking distance with an emergency department is St. Vincent’s at 2351 East 22nd Street. Examples of emergencies requiring a visit to an emergency department would be: a head injury which resulted in blacking out or confusion; persistent vomiting resulting in dehydration, a fever over 100 that doesn’t break with medicine, concerns about possible poisoning or ingesting nonfood, persistent diarrhea, etc.
  • If you do require a higher level of care, we have three major hospital centers in Cleveland: University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic and Metro. Health and Wellness can help you decide which facility is the best resource for your particular needs.
  • Global women: we will have a special links (below) for you to explain changes in care with regard to reproductive and sexual health.

In the United States, your health information is private. This means that your healthcare decisions and actions are not disclosable to others outside of you and your health team. The Global team does not have access to, nor will we request, your health information from Health and Wellness or any other provider. The only time we receive your information is when you waive your right to this privacy and allow a provider to communicate with a member of our team. You can be assured that discussions you have with your physician or health team remain confidential.

The Cleveland State University Safe Campus #SafeCampusCSU website is the main resource for all COVID-19 updates, safety protocols and requirements. The University follows the Cuyahoga County Health Dept. guidance as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention policies. All students, staff and faculty are expected to model appropriate masking, handwashing, and other personal behaviors in order for our community to maintain a low level of COVID-19 infections on campus. Links and resources for you include:

Please let the Global team know if you have any questions about accessing COVID-19 resources once you are on campus. We are happy to direct you to our colleagues and partners around the University who can assist you.

Please know that proof of vaccination is no longer required when travelling internationally. Please see the CDC website for more information

The CARE Team is a specialized service team within the University. The members of that team are charged with ensuring that all students have equal access to resources with directly impact their learning and development at the University. Students who need resources such as higher-level mental health care, food access, housing access, advocacy with faculty for health-related issues, etc. can work with a CARE manager.

Please note that HIPAA does not necessarily apply to CARE team management and the Global team can receive updates and information about Global students working with a CARE manager.

The Cleveland State University LGBTQ+ Student Services is a one-stop shop for students who want to connect with LGBTQ+ community on campus. They provide resources, information and programming throughout the academic year. We encourage any student in the LGBTQ+ Global community to visit the center in Berkman Hall 211 to meet new friends, connect with local supports and enjoy the comeraderie. The entire Global team has been Safe Space trained and we assure acceptance and inclusion for all Global students of all identities and gender presentations.

The Counseling and Academic Success Clinic (CASC) is an important partner to the Global program. CASC counseling interns meet with our UStart students once a week to offer academic guidance and support to students from all backgrounds and majors. Additionally, Global students can utilize CASC counseling support for issues in their personal or social lives which are having a detrimental impact on their academic performance. CASC counseling interns help Global students set meaningful growth goals and advise students on how to plan for success at home, in the classroom and in their careers.


Housing and Dining

Housing Information
Meal Plan

Undergraduate Global Students

Undergraduate Global students are required to live in program managed housing for 2 semesters.

Graduate Global Housing

Graduate Global students are required to live in program managed housing for 1 semester.

Starting Fall 2023, meal plans are mandatory for undergraduate students. The meal plan will automatically be added to your statement of fees. There are several restaurants on-campus that are included in the meal plan and variety of food options that you can check out here. If you have questions about the meal plan please contact our Student Services Manager, Waverly Sisson here.


Center for Academic Success

Do you need to improve your writing skills or study habits? Do you need help preparing for an exam or presentation? Maybe you just have a question and don’t know who to ask? Our friendly online tutors and counselors are here to support you! Schedule a free Zoom session with one of our Academic Skills or Subject Area Tutors (see options below) and gain the confidence and skills to succeed in your undergraduate and graduate classes. Email for more information.
Meet Your Tutors
Watch CAS Webinars On-Demand
Skills covered in the Academic skills tutoring sessions
Skills covered in the Math/Computer Science skills tutoring sessions

Academic Skills Tutors

Alicia Coe

Jessica Wakelyn

My name is Jessica Wakelyn. I started my voyage into languages by studying many major European languages during my time studying and performing as an opera singer. Upon graduation with a double major in Vocal Performance and English, I decided to earn a master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Virginia. In my master’s, I studied languages from all continents and ancient languages like Old English and Old Mayan. I started in the university by teaching English Composition to U.S. university students, but found I really loved teaching international students. I’ve taught governors from Turkey, physicists from Iran, epidemiologists from China, a lot of undergraduate and graduate students—and now, hopefully, you!

Amanda Wilcox

Fatemeh Bordbarjavidi

I am Fatemeh Bordbarjavidi. I hold a Ph.D. from Iowa State University and a Master’s in TESOL from the University of Northern Iowa. I’m passionate about the blend of Applied Linguistics and Technology. Originally from Tehran, Iran, I studied English Language and Literature, which broadened my global perspective on language and culture. I taught EFL courses in Iran. During my grad studies in United States, I taught ESL courses at Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa, focusing on language skills. I also taught an introduction to linguistics course at Indiana State University, helping students understand linguistics and language better. For four rewarding years, I contributed to the Online Professional English Network (OPEN) programs, shaping language skills and professional journeys.

Sedighe Zamani Roodsari

Bianca Coria

I am Bianca Coria. I have eight years of experience teaching English at various levels in Asia and the United States. I currently work as an English instructor and course developer, and I hold certifications in TESOL, TEFL, and TEYL. I have experience working with students of all ages, from toddlers to adults from various backgrounds. In addition to enjoying my career, I also enjoy meeting new people, visiting new places, tasting new foods, and spending time with my family. I love working with students, and I strive to create a positive and enjoyable environment. I look forward to working with you.

Sedighe Zamani Roodsari

Summer Peixoto

I am Summer Peixoto. With over two decades of teaching and training experience at the university level, I am a passionate educator deeply committed to international education. Throughout my career, I have contributed greatly by creating educational technology interest sections, supporting colleagues in professional development, and advocating for international students and teachers, which is evidenced by my current role as a Specialist and an Ambassador for the US Department of State’s English Language Programs. In my free time, I play tennis, listen to music from different countries, travel, and podcast. I adore working with students in learning academic skills for reading, vocabulary, and note-taking, and my ultimate goal is to set students up for a lifetime of success!

Dijana Trajchevska

Dijana Trajchevska

I am Dijana Trajchevska. I have a Master’s degree from the University of Utah. I am originally from North Macedonia where I received my BA in English Language and Literature. Five years ago, I moved to Utah to further develop my education. I have experience teaching in higher education. My experience mostly focuses on ESL classes, such as speaking, listening, reading, and academic writing. I also have experience teaching communication skills to non-native speakers of English. I am passionate about applied linguistics and subjects on cross-cultural communication. I hope to work with you in the future!

Math/Computer Science Tutors

Dipen Bhuva

Dipen Bhuva

I am Dipen Bhuva. I have a PhD in Computer Science from Cleveland State University and have a master’s degree from Northeastern University in Information Security. I am a certified Network+ by CompTIA, Certified Ethical Hacker, RH-11 Expert Hacker, RedHat Server Certified Engineering and am Amazon Web Service (Cloud) certified. For my “extraordinary dedication and teaching,” I was granted an “excellent achievement for Graduate Assistantship” from CSU. I will be happy to help with any problems and solutions related to math (all levels and courses) and computer science (Programming, Networking, Server engineering, Cloud, Statistics, and Cyber Security).

Dipen Bhuva

Mostafa Omar

I am Mostafa Omar. I have master’s in Computer Science and master’s in Business Administration in addition to over 13 years’ work experience in the telecom sector. I have worked in different domains, including data network, telecommunication, and cloud service. I’m also certified by various technology vendors. I have had many teaching assistance positions during my studies as I enjoy teaching and communicating with students about math and computer science and all related domains.

CAS Social Skills: How to Make American Friends

CAS Academic Skills: Boosting Academic Vocabulary in Your Writing

CAS Academic Skills: How to Write a Great Thesis in Four Simple Steps

CAS Computer Science Skills: Introduction to Python

CAS Social Skills: Culture Shock and Mental Health

CAS Academic Skills: How to Create Coherence & Cohesion in Your Paragraphs

CAS Social Skills: Financial Matters in Your University Studies

CAS Social Skills: Communicating with Professors

CAS Career Skills: Understanding CPT and OPT

CAS Academic Skills: How to Give an Engaging Presentation

CAS Academic Skills: Paraphrasing Made Easy

CAS Computer Science Skills: Python Lesson 2: Variables & Data Types

CAS Academic Skills: Time Management

  • Academic writing – generating ideas, organizing, summarizing, paraphrasing, revising/editing
  • Research skills: Finding credible sources and academic articles
  • Understanding academic integrity; avoiding plagiarism
  • MLA & APA citations and format
  • Academic presentation preparation and practice
  • Time management – weekly planning, semester-long planning
  • Reading strategies
  • Note-taking skills
  • Test preparation strategies
  • Class and groupwork participation strategies
  • Discussion skills
  • Grammar rules and practice
  • Academic communication etiquette – emails, office hours, requesting letters of recommendation
  • Business writing – emails, reports, meeting summaries
  • Career development – resume and cover letter writing
  • Building math confidence for students who struggle with math
  • General and Foundational Math help at any level
  • Calculus including Calc 1 and Calc 2
  • Algebra and Linear Algebra
  • Discrete Math
  • Topology
  • Category Theory
  • Algorithms
  • Differential Equations
  • Programming, Networking, and Server Engineering
  • Cloud, Statistics, and Cyber Security

Global Academic Coaching–On-Campus

For MCS students in their program pre-requisites
Our Academic Coaches for 2023-24

Master of Computer Science students who have been assigned prerequisites for their program MUST complete that coursework in their first term at the University. Typically, those courses comprise some combination of:

CIS 265

MTH 220

CIS 340

(and any other course the CS program direct deems appropriate).

The Global team offers academic coaching for CIS 265 and CIS 340 with our specialized peer coaches. This typically takes place in Mather 310 and the schedule is posted at the beginning of every academic term. Our data shows that students who tutor regularly for CIS 265 typically pass their course with an A or A-.

For students in MTH 220, we recommend that you utilize the Math Learning Center, which provides high-quality mathematics support for many MTH-coded courses.

Dipen Bhuva is a PhD student in Computer Science at the Cleveland State University, with a master’s degree from Northeastern University in Information Security. He is a certified Network+ by CompTIA, Certified Ethical Hacker, RH-11 Expert Hacker, RedHat Server Certified Engineering and Amazon Web Service (Cloud) certified. Dipen was granted an “excellent achievement for Graduate Assistantship” from CSU. He is happy to help with any problems and solutions related to math (all levels and courses) and computer science (Programming, Networking, Server engineering, Clouds, Statistics and Cyber Security).
Dipen Bhuva, Global Academic Coach
MCS pre-requisites

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)–Updated as of August 4, 2022

Don’t see your question answered here? Email it with your name and CSU ID number to and we will research your query.

When and how do I get my student ID?
Do I need an Ohio state ID?
What banks are convenient to campus?
Do I need a Taxpayer ID number?
What's the Innerlink?
I need to find a faith community in which to worship.
What safety and security options are there on campus?
I am still having problems with my I20. Who can I contact while I am still in my home country?
How cold is cold when it comes to Cleveland weather?
I have specific food needs ie. halal, vegetarian, vegan, etc.
What library resources are available for students?
I am a student with a disability. What services or programs are available for me when I arrive in Cleveland?
I'm a Global undergraduate student. Where can I find my major program of study?
When should I arrive on campus?
What does the City of Cleveland look like? Can I get a tour?
What is a Global Ambassador?
What is it like to be an Indian student on-campus?
What does the Engineering program look like?
Where is CSU Global located?
I have to complete ESL as the first part of my academic program and I have questions.
How do I submit my mark sheet/transcript/certificate of graduation?
I am an Master of Computer Science/Master of Info Systems student. Who do I contact in my department for assistance?

Our Vikingcard office, Berkman Hall 112, runs on an appointment basis. You must order your Vikingcard online and schedule an appointment to pick up your ID.

You must be scheduled for courses in order to be eligible for your Vikingcard.

Your Vikingcard will be used for your UPass (bus pass) as well as access to certain labs and the library. The UPass allows you unlimited rides on Cleveland’s public transportation, RTA.

Your first Vikingcard is free, but if you lose or damage it, there may be a fee to replace it of $20. There is also a $50 fee to replace your UPass sticker.

Ohio state IDs are not driver’s licenses, but they are state-issued IDs and can be used for all purposes, including banking, traveling, etc. Information about Ohio state IDs is here. Again, a state ID is NOT a driver’s license. Students who drive without a legal Ohio driver’s license assume the risk and liability of doing so. Please do not do this.

For daily purposes on campus, your Vikingcard is appropriate ID. However, it may a good idea to get an Ohio state ID, especially so you don’t have to carry your passport.

There are several banks within walking distance of campus. The Global team encourages you to research each one and decide which will serve your needs.


All students who work on campus must have either an Social Security Number or a Taxpayer ID. If it is your intention to find an on-campus job, you should plan on applying for an Taxpayer ID well before you apply for positions because it can take up to 4 weeks for your number to be issued. You cannot work without documentation.

You must start your process at the CISP office, Berkman Hall 412. The Global office does not handle Taxpayer ID processing.

The Shiva Vishnu Temple

Newman Catholic Campus Ministry

Islamic Center of Cleveland

Guru Gobind Singh Sikh Society of Cleveland

Additionally, we invite any student who requires a private prayer space during a school day to come to Mather Mansion and speak to a team member. We can assist you in finding a room on campus which will meet your needs.

The phone number for our campus police is 12166872020.  The Global team recommends you put this number in your Favorites list.

Connect with Enrollment Services Advisor team at

Weather in Cleveland can be severe. We strongly encourage students to plan ahead for weather changes that happen during September and October. The weather could be cold and rainy one day and mild and sunny the next.


  • Kabas African Market (4098 Lee Road)


  • Asian Town Center (3820 Superior Ave. East; Main Entrance on E. 38th St. between Superior and Payne Avenues)
  • Kim’s Oriental Food (3700 Superior Ave.)
  • Nipa Hut (6775 W. 130th St.)
  • Park to Shop Grocery Store (Asia Plaza: 1580 E 30th St.)
  • Tink Holl (Tink Holl Plaza: 1735 E. 36th St.)


  • Hansa Import Haus (2701 Lorain Ave)


  • La Borincana (2127 Fulton Road)
  • La Plaza Supermarket (13609 Lakewood Heights Blvd.)


  • Gust Gallucci’s Italian Foods & Market (6610 Euclid Ave.)


  • West Side Market (1979 W. 25th St.)

Middle Eastern/Mediterranean/Halal

  • Rumi’s Market (Halal) (8225 Carnegie Ave.)
  • Aladdin’s Baking Company (1301 Carnegie Ave.)
  • Assad’s Bakery (2719 Lorain Ave.)
  • Al Manar Market (3279 W. 117th St.)
  • Almadina Imports (11550 Lorain Ave.)
  • Sahara Supermarket (3353 W. 117th St.)
  • Holy Lands Imports (11717 Lorain Ave.)


India Grocers

*** must uber to this location

Phone: (440) 885-0215

6855 W 130th St, Cleveland, OH 44130



Patel Brothers Indian Groceries

*** must uber to this location (close to India Grocers)

6876 Pearl Rd, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130


Phone(440) 885-4440

Of the 2 Indian grocery stores – India Grocers has a larger selection and more prepared food options.  Across the street from India Grocers is more shopping that includes Marc’s, Marshalls etc.

General full-service grocery stores via RTA:

Dave’s Market – *** accessible by RTA

 Nearest 2 locations:

OHIO CITY – near Westside Market
2700 Carroll Avenue, Cleveland, 44113

Phone (216) 274-2940


Monday – Saturday
7am – 9pm
7am – 9pm
Liquor Hours:
Monday – Saturday
10am – 9pm
11am – 7pm

MIDTOWN – (Click here for directions)
1929 East 61st Street, Cleveland, 44103

Pharmacy Phone
Pharmacy Fax
Liquor Phone
Liquor Fax
(216) 361-5130
(216) 361-0735
(216) 391-6091
(216) 881-5780
(216) 291-610
Sunday – Saturday
7am – 9pm
Liquor Hours:
Monday – Saturday
11am – 7pm
11am – 7pm
Pharmacy Hours:
Monday – Friday
10am – 2pm
8:30am – 7pm
10am – 2pm

The Michael Schwartz Library is the academic hub of our campus. This library is a full service library which serves students from undergraduate to doctoral level as well as all staff and faculty.

Every librarian in the Library is a teaching librarian, that is, all librarians have office hours where they can meet with students to teach a variety of information literacy skills. To make an appointment with a librarian, click here.

The Global team strongly encourages all students to attend seminars and other events that we plan with our library partners.

Important information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how it applies to you as an international student

In the United States, we have a federal (national) law that protects people who have disabilities as they use public services, including educational settings. It is important that you know that this law exists and that even as an F1 student, you are protected by it. Your home country may not have a similar law. However, while in the US, you have the right to be protected by our law. This guide will help you understand how, if necessary, you can be protected by this law.

The language of the law that applies to us at the higher education level:

No qualified individual with a disability shall, by reason of such disability, be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of services, programs, or activities of a public entity, or be subjected to discrimination by any such entity. ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-325)

  1. What is a “disability”?

For the purposes of the ADA, a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of such individual. This means that if you have any type of physical or mental health issue which prevents you from participating fully, without obstacles, in your life, you can be protected by this law.

  1. What are examples of “major life activities” or mental or physical impairments?

Examples are: caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, seeing, hearing, eating, sleeping, walking, standing, lifting, bending, speaking, breathing, learning, reading, concentrating, thinking, communicating, and working. This can also include the operation of a major bodily function, including but not limited to, functions of the immune system, normal cell growth, digestive, bowel, bladder, neurological, brain, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, and reproductive functions.

  1. Will the Global team ask if a student has a disability?

No. No one in Global or at the University should ever ask or assume that a student has a disability. This is a student privacy issue. If you believe you fall into the category of “student with a disability,” you must communicate that to us. Once you do, we will not disclose this information to anyone without your permission. We strongly recommend that if you are a student with a disability, you let us know right away so we can help you plan.

  1. What happens when a student communicates to a Global team member that he or she has a disability?

Once a student communicates to any Global member that he or she has a disability, we have a duty to assist the student organize services. The following policy applies:

  1. We will communicate to the Office of Disability Services that the student has offered information about his/her disability status. We will not disclose the nature of the disability, only that the student has disclosed. Their email is
  2. With the student’s permission, we will also communicate with CISP and/or the student’s program as applicable. This is only if the student has a specific issue about which CISP or the department must know.
  3. The student should use the following link to begin the process of working with ODS.
  4. The student will need to provide documentation about his/her disability. The forms that need to be verified by a documenting physician are here: All questions about this part of the process should be addressed to ODS, not Global.
  1. Once the Office of Disability Services is aware that a student needs an intake and interview, that office will partner directly with the student to create a plan. Again, to respect student privacy, the Global office will not insert itself into that process. However, the student retains the right to follow up with the Global team to let us know what the plan is and how we can advocate for the student as necessary. Our role is to support the plan that ODS and the student create.
  1. What we want to communicate from our office is that your educational success is comprised of a lot of factors. Whether you have a disability should not be one of them. The goal of the ADA and its enforcement at the University is to eliminate obstacles people with disabilities encounter in meeting their educational and professional goals. We are here to support whatever plan is best for each student.

Thank you, as always, for working with us and allowing us to serve you.

Tom Kelley

Academic Operations Director

At Cleveland State, we use a tool called “degree maps” to teach undergraduate studies about their major. Links to all UG degree maps is here.   All UG students should have at least two appointments a term with Ms. Angela Mulby, our UG Academic Coordinator, in order to have meaningful conversations about coursework, scheduling, and long-term planning.

Global Ambassadors are our on-campus “influencers.” They are here to provide perspective, support, resources, and represent CSU Global! Reach out anytime to see what their experience is like on-campus.
We are located in Mather Mansion on the east end of campus and a 15 minute walk from Reserve Square. Check out this video to learn more about where we work!

CSU Global’s Academic team will reach out to you directly regarding the time to collect transcripts. This process does not happen until around a month after arrival.

For information about your ESL program, you can contact Dr. Michele Bowman, Director of the English as a Second Language Program at Dr. Bowman and her coordinator, Alevtyna Kolomiyets ( share the 2nd floor of Mather Mansion with the Global program and their services are essential to the success of every Global student.

Important dates for students in ESL:

Tuesday, August 22nd

  • 1:30pm: ESL Placement Testing and Program Information, Rhodes West, 202.
  • 2:30pm: ESL Placement test in Testing Services, Rhodes West, 215.

Wednesday, August 23rd

  • 9am to 12pm: ESL Writing Sample and Speaking Test, Mather Mansion, 106.

Thursday, August 24th

  • 10:00 am: VIC Session and Placement and Registration info, BH 435.

***If you arrive early, please communicate with Dr. Bowman about the opportunity to test early.

Ms. Megan Huggins, MCS Coordinator/Advisor

Mr. John Learned, MIS Recruiter/Advisor

All MCS and MIS students should work very closely with their respective departmental advisors in order to ensure the following:

  • That your schedule is complete. This means that as an F1 graduate student, you must have a minimum of 9 credit hours in order to be in compliance with your visa status.
  • That you are enrolled in the correct courses for your level. This means that if you are required to take pre-requisites for your graduate program, you will be enrolled in them and you will complete them in your first term(s) at the University.
  • That you understand the rules and policies of your department. The Global team can also assist with this information.



Transfer Students

How to prepare for arrival as a transfer student:

  • Submit your official transcripts no later than six weeks prior to arrival for final and official review of your transfer credits. Importantly, you should submit official transcripts as early as possible to ensure your final transfer credits are posted prior to arrival. Transcripts can be submitted through the contact information listed below.
By mail
Cleveland State University
Application Processing Center
Office of University Registrar
1836 Euclid Avenue, UN 443
Cleveland, OH 44115
Must be in a secured, sealed envelope
By e-mail or electronic delivery service
Must be sent directly from sending institution with an authorized e-mail address or through a secure third-party transcript processing organization. Transcripts will not be accepted from student pass-through
  • Collect course descriptions and/or course syllabi. These are required in evaluating international transfer credit course equivalencies.
  • Confirm that all official transcripts have been received by the Office of University Registrar prior to arrival. Allow for ample delivery time for mailed transcripts.
  • Once completed, your final transfer credit articulation will be visible on your CSU transcript and will be mailed to you by the Office of University Registrar. Review the results with a member of the CSU Global team to see how your degree and major requirements are affected.
  • Upon arrival, attend required academic orientation. The CSU Global team will be present for additional support. We would love to offer you a warm welcome, feel free to introduce yourself and say hi!
  • Register for classes! With your transfer credits in mind, the CSU Global team will offer support in course selection to ensure accurate coursework planning.
  • Follow up and ensure all materials have been received. Official transcripts are required to register for a future term and for accurate coursework planning.

Student Health Insurance

Health insurance through Cleveland State Global’s student health insurance plan (provided by Wellfleet) auto-renews every year.

If you are a student who has insurance through Cleveland State’s student health insurance plan and you wish to renew, then no action is required. (In addition to enrollment in your current policy, you will also receive the added benefits of vision and dental insurance. The details of your plan can be found here:

**If you do have private insurance that meets university standards and would prefer to use this insurance over Cleveland State’s student health insurance plan, please send an email to Cleveland State Global Student Services Team at to let them know. Failure to provide this information will result in your continued enrollment in Cleveland State Global’s insurance plan.

Should you have any questions, please contact University Health Plans at 800-437-6448 and a representative will be happy to assist you.


Virtual Internships + Professional Certificates

Master the in-demand skills global employers seek that you won’t learn in the classroom. Boost your portfolio — and save money — with certifications and projects that demonstrate your new qualifications and make you a competitive candidate in today’s job market.
Enroll today for an incredible value: Many bootcamps and courses can range up to $14,000 per course* — but with CSU Global you can upskill in as many available courses as you like during your studies, all included in your enrollment fee!

Professional Certificates

Designed for computer science, engineering, and business students, each certificate program was inspired by elite university preparatory programs tailored for growing careers. Student internship projects have included software development, website design, virtual reality, digital content creation, project management, AI, and more at leading employers.

Certification 1 : Design Thinking – develop effective approaches to problem-solving
Designed for business/MBA, computer science, data science, engineering, information systems, and marketing majors

Certification 2 : Social Entrepreneurship** – foster widespread positive change
Designed for business/MBA, engineering, entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing majors

Certification 3 : Global Citizenship** – thrive in diverse environments
Designed for business/MBA, computer science, engineering, finance, and international business majors

Completed internships include

Halcyon IQ
Local Grown Salads
Personal Banker
Digital marketing strategy
Social media marketing
Diagnostics AI/machine learning
Website design
AWS – LGS ecosystem system design
Technology software development API
Digital content creation

Credentials + certification prep offered include

Business Students
Computer Science Students
Engineering Students
Credentials + Certification Preparation
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • PMP
  • Java, Python, PHP, C++ , Ruby
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
  • DP-203 Microsoft Exam dp-203
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Security Operations
  • Reverse, Social, Chaos and Network Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Software Developer
  • UX Designer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Systems Architect
  • Video Game Developer
  • AI Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Product Engineer
  • Data Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer

*Stanford Executive Education Design Thinking Bootcamp
**Endorsed by the University of Peace – UN Charter


International Student Loans

Flexible Student Loan Plans for International Students

For most international students, obtaining financial aid to support their studies can be challenging, especially without a qualified co-signer. To help fund international students’ education journey in the US, Shorelight is collaborating with MPower Financing and Prodigy Finance, international student loan servicers. Both provide flexible student loan plans for international students pursuing degrees at eligible US colleges and universities, without the usual requirements of a cosigner, collateral, or US credit history. They offer fixed-rate loans up to $100,000 with 1.5% in interest rate discounts.

Find international student loans with MPower Financing and Prodigy Finance.


Graduate Pre-Requisites

Graduate Pre-Requisites Frameworks:
Graduate Program Guides


How do I know if I need to take a pre-requisite course?

When you receive your Conditional Offer letter, we will provide an estimate of how many pre-requisites we believe you will need. You can also review the tables for pre-requisite calculation here to see the chart provided by the faculty of your major. This is meant to be a guide and is not comprehensive. Once you have submitted a deposit, the faculty will do a more detailed review of your transcript to determine what pre-requisite courses you need. Please note while pre-requisite courses may feel unnecessary, it is important that you have the fundamental knowledge to be successful in your degree. These courses are assigned to ensure your success.

How many credits per semester does my tuition pay for?

For graduate students, the tuition rate shown on your Statement of Fees includes 9 credits per semester. If you choose to – or are required to – take additional credits, they will be at an additional cost. This cost varies by program but is shown in the program guides linked in this page. Please check those carefully, as the cost of graduate tuition changes with each credit taken.  It is strongly advised that most students take only 9 or maximum 10 credits in your first semester. Anything above 11 credits would be considered a very heavy load for graduate students. Note that the cost in your Statement of Fees (for your first two semesters, the time you are in the Global program) also includes all fees charged by the university. Once you finish the Global program, you will be charged tuition and fees separately.

For undergraduate students, you are able to take a range of credits with no additional cost. We recommend that students take no more than 15-16 credits per semester, and if English is not your native language, you may want to take a lighter load your first semester to ensure you are comfortable and can be successful.

Where can I find degree-specific information?

Visit the Graduate Admissions tab ( and navigate to the school your degree is in. Select your degree from the drop-down menu, and you will see a detailed table with more information. You can also go to the major page on the CSU website to get additional information. If you want details on courses and overall requirements, you may find the catalog helpful. It can be found here.

How should I calculate the overall cost of attending Cleveland State Global to earn my degree?

The cost of your program depends on how many credits are required for your degree and how you choose to take those credits. For graduate students, the program guides will give you a better sense of how many credits are required for each major (typically 30-33 graduate credits). If you have to take pre-requisite courses, those will not typically count towards the final degree credits. Each graduate credit will have a cost, and some majors have additional fees (for example, credits are slightly more expensive in the Business School, and credits in Engineering have an additional fee added). For undergraduate students, most degrees will require a minimum of 120 credits which usually equates to 4 years of full-time study, with 30 credits per year taken. Undergraduates are able to take a range of credits each semester at the same cost, though it is not advisable to take more than 18 credits per semester, and 12 credits is still considered a full-time load. 

What costs are not included in the tuition/fees that will add to the cost of my study?

In the Global First Year program, you are required to live in program-managed housing for one (graduate students) or two (undergraduate) semesters. You may also be required to take a meal plan. Those requirements are designed to support you in your academic success; studies consistently show that students who live in university or nearby housing have better outcomes. The meal plan requirement is very minimal; however, we want to be sure that you have access to healthy food at least once per day.  Once you finish the global program, you will need to determine where you want to live. We encourage you to stay close to campus and to ensure that you have a private space to do your work. You are also required to have insurance that meets the university standards. Shorelight’s insurance is required for the first year of your studies and is available to you also for future years, including during OPT. It’s a low-cost comprehensive insurance plan that include health, dental and vision, in addition to property insurance.

Master of Science - Electrical Engineering
Master of Science - Software Engineering
Master of Computer Science
Master of Information Sciences
Detailed Pre-Requisites
Master of Applied Communications Theory & Methodology
Master of Science - Biomedical Engineering
Master of Civil Engineering
Master of Science - Chemical Engineering
Master of Computer Science
Master of Arts - Economics
Master of Science - Electrical Engineering
Master of Science - Environmental Engineering
Master of Science - Chemistry
Master of Information Systems
Master of Mechanical Engineering
Master of Science - Physics
Master of Science - Social Work
Master of Science – Software

Important Dates

Application Deadline:

December 1, 2023

Payment Deadline:

December 21, 2023

Move-in Date:

January 4,5,6, 2024